1. CycloSport:
    screenshot_02272013_013629screenshot_03052013_161619CycloSport is my first windows 8 application. A Free Metro Sports App for 7+ in addition of the Holstee Manifesto video.

    • Description:

    Remember the first time you rode your bike on your own? It was fun, exciting, challenging, and scary all at same time.Whether you’re a professional cyclist, a careerist or a small child this app will increase your motivation.CycloSport Lebanon Cycling Club is a new recreational club comprised of beginners to expert bike riders.The club’s purpose is to promote healthy lifestyles through cycling.

  2. Daily Jazz:
    screenshot_04292013_151521screenshot_04292013_151528Daily Jazz is my second windows 8 application. A Free Flip Education App for 12+ in addition of the Mcgill Listening Guide.

    • Description:

    An application that takes you on an extraordinary musical journey through the changing styles and fascinating history of jazz. Offering a listening-based approach to the study of jazz history, this text helps you gain a better understanding of the music and how it has evolved over the decades while remaining a uniquely American art form.

    screenshot_06292013_153152screenshot_06292013_153156STRATEGIA is my third windows 8 application. A Free Education App for 7+ in addition to Youtube videos teaching Chess.

    • Description:
      STRATEGIA is intended to become a complete description of all aspects of strategy games. The current version is able to teach you the Basics of Chess, its Tricks and Master Players.

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